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How to Incorporate Nature into Your Garden Wedding Venue Decor

The adoration for nature can explain why most couples wish to incorporate nature into their wedding plans. Many newlyweds decorate their wedding venues with flowers, garlands, and other plants, hoping to impress their guests. The above information is fine, but what if you wish to incorporate even more natural elements into your garden wedding venue ? Here are a few suggestions for incorporating Mother Nature into your special day.

Send invitations on seed paper.

People can incorporate nature into their wedding day even before hiring a florist, booking the venue, or picking a color scheme. Incorporating seed paper stationery into your wedding is one of the most effective ways. Seed paper is a handmade paper infused with seeds from various plants, such as wildflowers. It is completely plantable; burying it in the soil will allow the seeds to germinate and produce plants!

To include nature in your garden wedding venue which is not always environmentally friendly, seed paper is an excellent option. You will not only be using a sustainable, reusable paper product, but you will also provide your family and friends with flowers to remember your special day in their garden. Just make sure that all wedding details are written down before planting!

Decorate with foraged items.

There is no right or wrong way to decorate a wedding. Some couples choose bright colors and mismatched furniture. Others choose minimalist decor with clean lines and a sparse color palette. Choosing a venue surrounded by flowers and trees is part of your nature-inspired wedding plan. So why not bring a little of that beauty into the wedding venue too?

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Take a flowery photo.

A wedding ceremony is always adorned with flowers. They’re placed in centerpieces, bouquets, and garlands hanging from chandeliers. Photos accompany the ceremony and reception; we rent photo booths and pay photographers thousands of dollars to record everything. What could you get from combining these two?

Green wedding favors

The wedding favor can come in many forms: it can be cute and kitschy, connect to the couple and the wedding theme, or be related to the couple and their love story. You can also use your favors to incorporate nature into your wedding if you have a nature-inspired theme! You can give countless wedding favors that combine your love of nature with your love of your guests.

Nature outdoor wedding

Incorporating nature into your wedding is the easiest way to do so: get married outdoors. There are many outdoor venues throughout the world, ranging from private gardens to national parks. A wedding in the great outdoors ensures a beautiful setting, plenty of natural light and lots of plants all around you. There is no better way to celebrate than this!