What Is The Prefix Of Active?

What is the prefix or suffix of active?

Changing nouns and verbs into adjectives using -ive like in “active” The suffix -ive changes nouns and verbs into adjectives.

It adds the meaning “tending to” or “doing” or “being.”.

What is the suffix for active?

Definition for I’ve (2 of 2) -ive. a suffix of adjectives (and nouns of adjectival origin) expressing tendency, disposition, function, connection, etc.: active; corrective; destructive; detective; passive; sportive.

What is the negative prefix of active?

Negative Prefix Practice 1: un, in, im, il, and irableequalperfectdirectactiveconsistentcomfortableidentifiedknownlegalreliableemployedexpectedreasonableadequate4 more rows

What is the opposite of active?

active(adjective) Antonyms: inert, tranquil, dormant, lethargic, sedentary, slow, dull, extinct, bottom, quiescent, theoretical, sluggish, passive, speculative, indolent.

prefix for “legal”Prefix for “legal”PARAPrefix for legal or logicalU L39 more rows

What is the prefix for polite?

im-There is only one prefix that is correct to be put at the beginning of the word ‘polite. ‘ That is the prefix ‘im-‘, which forms this word to be ‘impolite. ‘