What Is An AICS Magazine?

What does AICS stand for?

AICSAcronymDefinitionAICSAccuracy International Chassis System (rifle component)AICSAdvanced Internet Communications Services Act of 2004AICSAlaska Island Community ServicesAICSAir Inlet Control System20 more rows.

What is a magazine binder plate?

The binder plate holds the cartridges back from the front of the magazines and guides them past the bottom of the feed ramp. The maximum cartridge overall length (COAL) that will fit in this magazine is 2.870”. The magazines without front binder plates allow a maximum cartridge overall length of 2.960”.

Who made the l96a1?

Accuracy InternationalThe Accuracy International Precision Marksman, better known under its British military designation, L96A1, is a bolt-action sniper rifle created by the British company Accuracy International. It is the origin of the better known Accuracy International Arctic Warfare rifle series.

Does the Ruger American take AR mags?

Ruger keeps rolling them out and making people happy! The 556 American now can take AR mags!

What does AICS magazine mean?

Accuracy International Magazine Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) Short Action 308 Winchester Steel Matte.

What is an AI Magazine rifle?

AI or AICS (Accuracy International) designed a specific type of metal box magazine for use with their sniper and tactical rifles.

How good are Accuracy International rifles?

Hands down one of my favorite rifles is my Accuracy International AT Sniper rifle. … This rifle will take a beating and continue to perform. The AT offers custom performance at a price point below most custom precision rifles with the added advantage of being a switch barrel system.

Are Pmags AICS?

The PMAG 10 5.56 AC™ is a polymer 5.56×45 NATO (. 223 Remington) magazine designed for short action Accuracy International Chassis Systems (AICS)-pattern bottom metal, including the Bolt Action Magazine Well for the Magpul Hunter family of stocks.

Who makes Accuracy International barrels?

Accuracy InternationalTypeLimited companyHeadquartersPortsmouth, Hampshire , United KingdomKey peopleDave Walls, Tom IrwinProductsAnti-materiel rifles, Sniper riflesOwnerDave Walls, Tom Irwin, Paul Bagshaw4 more rows