Quick Answer: What Does Divulge Mean?

What declare mean?

declare, announce, proclaim, promulgate mean to make known publicly.

declare implies explicitness and usually formality in making known.

the referee declared the contest a draw announce implies the declaration of something for the first time..

Whats the definition of divulge?

transitive verb. 1 : to make known (something, such as a confidence or secret) refused to divulge the name of her informant divulge the company’s sales figures. 2 archaic : to make public : proclaim.

What is another word for divulge?

Some common synonyms of divulge are betray, disclose, reveal, and tell.

How do you use divulge in a sentence?

He would cross his fingers and trust she wouldn’t divulge any confidences to her boss, Fitzgerald. It was as if she was being forced to divulge what she wanted to tell but had promised not to. On no account must they divulge it to unbaptized persons.

What is the opposite of divulge?

divulge. Antonyms: bury, cloak, conceal, cover, disguise, dissemble, entomb, hide, inter, mask, overwhelm, screen, secrete, suppress, veil.

How do spell divulge?

verb (used with object), di·vulged, di·vulg·ing. to disclose or reveal (something private, secret, or previously unknown).