Quick Answer: How Many Families Live In Village Palampur?

What is the strength of families living in Palampur village?


Answer: This village has about 450 families belonging to several different castes.

The 80 upper caste families own the majority of land in the village..

What is the story of village Palampur?

Answer: The spread of electricity helped the farmers of Palampur as it helped in the transformation of the irrigation system of the village. The farmers earlier used Persian wheels to draw water from wells and irrigate small fields. But after the spread of electricity, electric tube wells replaced these Persian wheels.

What kind of village is Palampur?

Palampur is a hypothetical village based on a village in Bulandshahar district in western Uttar Pradesh. Palampur is well connected with neighbouring villages and towns. Raiganj, a big village is 3 kilometres from Palampur. This village has about 450 families belonging to several different castes.

How many upper caste families are there in Palampur?

80 upper caste familiesThe 80 upper caste families own the majority of land in Palampur. Their houses, some of them quite large, are made of brick with cement plastering.

How many families in Palampur village are small farmers?

Answer Yes, I agree that the distribution of cultivated land is unequal in Palampur because out of the 450 families, 150 families are landless, 240 families cultivate small plots of land less than 2 hectares in size whereas 60 medium and large farmers cultivate more than 2 hectares of land, a few of them have land …

What are the various facilities available in Palampur?

The following are the facilities that are available in the village of Palampur:Electricity is provided in most of the houses of Palampur. … In terms of education, Palampur village has a high school and two primary schools.There are a government-run primary health center and a private clinic.More items…•

How many houses are there in village Palampur?

Palampur has a population of 1,89,276 peoples. There are 44,501 houses in the sub-district.

How many families live in small houses in Palampur?

Answer: 450 families lived in the village “Palampur”.

What do you know about Palampur village?

The Palampur village has around 450 families which belong to different caste and creeds. The main activity of Palampur is farming and 80 families of the upper caste own the majority of land in Palampur.

Which town lies nearest to Palampur?

ShahpurShahpur is the nearest town.

Why do farmers of Palampur follow multiple cropping?

The farmer of Palampur form multiple cropping because their land is to be fertile by doing multiple cropping the farmer grow different seeds because when one crop is damaged they can be used another and by selling they can earn money.

Does Palampur have snow?

November to February is the winter season in Palampur and the temperature drop down to subzero levels. The average temperature range during these months is -10°C to 10°C. Snowfall is a common sight during these months. July marks the beginning of Monsoon season in Palampur and lasts till Mid October.

How many families are there in the Palampur village?

Related StoriesNumber of FamiliesArea of cultivated land (hectares)1500240Less than 2 hectares60More than 2 hectaresMay 22, 2020

Which is the largest village near to Palampur?

Palampur Tehsil – Kangra#VillagesPopulation1Agoja Khas9712Aima2,7753Ambotu2314Andreta1,125117 more rows

What is the purpose of village of Palampur?

The purpose of the story is to introduce some basic concepts relating to production and this we do through a story of a hypothetical village called Palampur. * Farming is the main activity in Palampur, whereas several other activities such as small scale manufacturing, dairy, transport, etc.

What is the first and foremost requirement for production of goods and services?

1 Answer. The foremost requirement is land and other natural resources such as water, forests, minerals, etc.

Is Palampur a developed village?

Palampur is a well-developed village as it is connected to other nearby villages through well-developed systems of roads. The village has two primary schools and one high school. The village also has a primary health care centre and a private dispensary.

What is the main limitation of village Palampur?

The disadvantages of palampur village: Excessive usage of Fertilizers spoils the soil and it becomes tough for irrigation. There is a loss of fertility with the usage of chemical fertilizers.