Question: Which Is Tougher Gate Or IES?

What happens after clearing ies?

The candidate will be selected as an Assistant Executive Engineer or Assistant Director.

After an experience of 3 to 4 years, the candidate will be promoted to Executive Engineer or Director.

After 13 years of experience, the candidate will be appointed as a Joint General Manager or Chief Engineer of level 2..

Is Gate and IES syllabus same?

The syllabus for both, GATE and IES exams are quite similar to each other. The IES syllabus covers the entire engineering syllabus; however, the GATE syllabus includes only what will help candidates in their higher studies.

Can I prepare for gate and IES together?

While some students choose their particular exam GATE or ESE depending on their priority, but there are many candidates who want to prepare for both the exams simultaneously. … GATE exam preparation covers almost 70% of the total preparation required for IES exam.

Which is tough IAS or IES?

Both exams of UPSC OR IAS require a lot of preparation, mental strength and dedication. However, students with an engineering background would find IES slightly easier and even benefit from it while working. IES is looked upon as a technical exam and graduation knowledge might be enough to surpass it.

Which branch is best for IES?

If you are interested for IES(Indian Engineering Services )then you can opt Civil Engineering. IES is conducted by UPSC every year this is one of the part of Civil Services. Students from Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/Electronics & Communication Engineering branches can write UPSC conducted IES entrance examination.

Which is better PSU or IES?

IES or Indian Engineering Service is considered equivalent to IAS, IRS and similar government posts and the candidate have to crack ESE to get recruited in IES. IES 2020 has already been conducted and the results are out….Recruiting companies.IESPSUIndian Supply ServiceIndian Oil Corporation Limited8 more rows•Mar 19, 2020

Is IES exam easy?

IES Prelims General Studies paper has followed its previous year trends and was on par with the standards of UPSC IES prelims exam. The IES Prelims 2020 General Studies paper was moderate in nature and some of the questions were very easy. Last year, Indian Economy topics were asked and so was this year.

How many ies are selected every year?

IES Exam DetailsExamEngineering Services Examination (ESE)Age limit21-30 yearsNumber of vacancies495Selection processPreliminary, Main Exam & InterviewPreliminary examObjective-type9 more rows

Do IITians go for IES?

IITians do not think highly of IES. However choosing your Engineering subject as Optional in CSE offers a nice benefit of landing you into ESE if you fail in CSE.

Can I crack ies without coaching?

Tips on How to Prepare for an IES Exam Without Coaching Refer the standard books for ESE preparation. Before your preparation, understand the pattern of the exam and revised new syllabus. Prefer the book according to the syllabus. … Regularly practice or revise the concepts so that you will not forget until exams.

Which is better gate or ese?

UPSC IES/ESE is for candidates who are job-oriented and are purely interested in securing central government jobs under different ministries/departments. ESE is more difficult compared to GATE in terms of difficulty and competition. Also, IES officers enjoy immense respect and stature in society.

Is Gate preparation enough for IES?

(3) GATE exam preparation covers almost 70% of the total preparation required for IES exam. (4) Preparing for two high level exams with almost same syllabus will help preparing both exams directly or indirectly.

Does IES officer get security?

During the hard times in the country while the employees in the private sector are busy saving their jobs, and looking for new safer avenues for their future the IES officers have job security. Along with your job the government makes sure to provide security to your family and dependents.

How much time does it take to prepare for IES?

The Engineering Services Examination is conducted in three phases:S No.PaperTime Duration1.Paper-I ( Engineering Subject )3 hrs2.Paper-II (Engineering Subject)3 hrs3.Total6 hrsMay 29, 2020

Is made easy material enough for gate?

Answer: Yes made Easy material is good enough to crack GATE exam.