Question: How Long Does It Take To Get Vanity Plates In NH?

How do I get a temporary license plate in NH?

Temporary plates are available by calling 603-227-4000 or visiting the following New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicle locations: Concord.


How long does it take to receive a personalized license plate?

4-6 weeksIt usually takes 4-6 weeks for a personalized plate to arrive to your home after it is ordered in our office. Once the plate arrives, you will need to visit our office and pay a $22.45 plate transfer fee to have the plate registered to your vehicle.

Are vanity plates free in NH?

The $8.00 plate manufacturing fee is only required in the first year of purchase. Decal Vanity Plates are also available for the additional $40 vanity plate fee. … Cost for this plate is $30 per year in addition to the plate fee and regular town and state registration fees.

Can someone else register my car for me in NH?

Can I come in and register a car for someone else? The New Hampshire Driver Privacy Act (RSA260:14) prohibits us from releasing any personal information about an individual to another person. New vehicle registrations must be completed in person, otherwise a notarized power of attorney is needed.

Can you register a car in NH with an out of state license?

How do I register a vehicle as an Out of State Resident? You must verify your non-residence status by showing proof of homeowner (ie. tax bill/utility bill), filling out a notarized Non Resident Statement Affidavit, and presenting your current driver’s license. We will then register the vehicle.

What is a normal license plate type?

License Plate Sizes Automobile, commercial, and trailer license plates are 12″ x 6″. Motorcycle license plates 7″ x 4″ (plates issued prior to July 1, 1970, are 8″ x 5″).

What do I need to get 20 day plates in NH?

Twenty day temporary plates are not available at the Town Clerk’s office. You must get them at the local Department of Motor Vehicles, (DMV). (Epping or Dover Point are the closest to Stratham.) You will need a bill of sale or title properly signed over to you in order to be issued the plates.

How much do vanity plates cost in NH?

The cost is your town/city and state registration fees, plus $40.00 (for 12 months, prorated per month) for the Vanity Plate fee, plus the $8.00 plate fee (one time fee). Please note: The following plates have an additional yearly non-prorated fee: Conservation (Moose) Plates $30.00.

How many letters can be on a vanity plate in NH?

7 charactersPersonalized License Plates in New Hampshire Have up to 7 characters. Use Letters with a combination of numbers. Not have profanity or inappropriate messages.

What does Ch mean on NH license plates?

Standard Issue Moose PlateStandard Issue Moose Plates have up to five digits, one of which is a “C” (for “Conservation”) or an “H” (for “Heritage”). These plates also have a small vertical “CH” at the beginning of the individual plate number. A Standard Issue Moose Plate costs slightly more than a regular license plate.

Do you need two license plates in NH?

Does New Hampshire require two license plates to be displayed? Yes. … Once the form and fee are received, a paper plate and permit to operate the vehicle with one plate will be issued, until the replacement plate is received.

Are license plate covers illegal in NH?

This bill prohibits persons from attaching or permitting to be attached to a license plate any coverings that are colored, smoked, or tinted. … Any person who applies or permits to be applied any covering to a license plate that is colored, smoked, or tinted shall be guilty of a violation.