Is RBI Exam Tough?

How can I get selected in RBI?

Selection for Officers in RBI Grade B (DR) – General Candidates will be shortlisted for the interview, centered on the aggregate of marks obtained in Phase-II (Paper-I +Paper-II +Paper-III).

The interview will be of 50 marks.

The candidate may opt for an interview either in Hindi or English..

Do RBI officers get car?

7000/- of briefcase under briefcase allowance. Even Employee can avail an amount of Rs 7000/- under spectacles allowance for himself or herself or the spouse. RBI Grade B Officer gets the facilities Loan. … Car Loan with subsidized simple interest up to Rs.

Which is tough SBI PO or RBI Grade B officer?

The training of an SBI PO is far better than the other bank PO. RBI Grade B exam is conducted for recruitment of Grade B Officers in the Reserve Bank of India. In this article, aspirants can find the complete details on the RBI Grade B Exam 2019-20 and the application and recruitment process.

How score good marks in RBI assistant exam?

Preparation Tips and Strategy for RBI Assistant MainSet Daily Goals: … Plan Daily Tasks: … Clear your Basic Concepts: … Practice with the sectional or topics wise quizzes: … Maintain your speed and accuracy: … Take mock tests: … General Awareness is the game-changer:

What is the level of RBI assistant exam?

This was all about today’s RBI Assistant Mains 2020 exam….RBI Assistant Mains Overall Exam Analysis.SectionsLevel of DifficultyGeneral Knowledge & AwarenessModerateQuantitative AptitudeModerateComputer AbilityEasyEnglish ComprehensionEasy2 more rows•Nov 22, 2020

Is coaching necessary for RBI Grade B?

When thinking about how to prepare for RBI Grade B exam, the chosen method should be the one in which the candidate is comfortable in. If you are comfortable studying by yourself for any exam, then you, coaching for RBI Grade B Officer exam isn’t necessary for you.

What is the salary of RBI Grade B officer after 5 years?

Coming to the salary of the RBI Grade B Officers, it is the best among all the other government or banking jobs in the country. At present, the salary of the RBI Grade B officer is Rs. 77000/-(approx.). The Grade B officer gets basic pay of Rs.

Is RBI assistant a good job?

RBI Assistant is undoubtedly one of the most respectable and the best job for the aspirants of the banking sector. One gets to learn a lot in the organization and simultaneously gets paid quite decently along with other perks and allowances. Working for RBI is a dream for many.

Can a average student crack RBI Grade B?

An average student from an average college has an equal opportunity to crack the exam compared to that of any intelligent student from a fancy tier 1 college. So do not worry about too much about being an average student, go ahead and crack the examination.

Is RBI assistant exam tough?

RBI Assistant 2020 prelims exam was conducted on February 14 and 15. The overall difficulty level of the exam was easy to moderate. The English Language and Reasoning Ability sections were easy. The Numerical Ability section was easy to moderate.

Is RBI Grade B tougher than Upsc?

Both RBI Grade B and UPSC CSE (IAS Exam) are amongst the toughest exams for government job aspirants. While RBI Grade B is mostly favored among banking aspirants, IAS Exam is favored by aspirants who prefer administrative roles in the country.

Do RBI assistants get pensions?

Do RBI assistants get pensions? No, the employee who got selected after 2012 for the post of Assistant in Reserve Bank of India will not get the pension as these employees are governed by New Pension Scheme (NPS). However, they will have to give a contribution from their salary to receive a pension.

What is the salary of RBI clerk?

RBI Assistant SalaryBasic SalaryRs. 14,650Pay Scale13150 – 34990Gross EmolumentsRs. 32,528

What is the highest salary in RBI?

Rs. 62,400Rs 62400 (Maximum Basic Pay) Thus, the RBI Grade B Salary is Rs. 62,400/- (Maximum) and this is when an employee does not take any promotion.

Which is better RBI assistant or SBI PO?

Even though both the positions have limited number of seats, the probability of getting through is more when it comes to the RBI Assistant examination. The SBI PO examination is comparatively more difficult than the RBI Assistant examination; hence, the selection is tougher.

Is RBI Grade B interview hard?

RBI Grade B Interview Centre Since RBI Grade B is a very challenging job to achieve so it is very important that a candidate do not miss any details about it. As the online written phase is already over and the interview phase is remaining so a candidate must be aware of all the RBI Grade B interview centre.

Can I crack RBI Grade B in first attempt?

If you start RBI Grade B Preparation now, you are expected to have at least 6 months till RBI Grade B Phase 1 Examination is held. Anything above that would be a bonus. This article will help you to know how to crack RBI Grade B in the first attempt.

How can I clear my RBI assistant exam in first attempt?

Mock test: RBI Assistant exam is conducted online. So, the time management during exam is important. Try to practise online mock test or previous year papers for preparation. As each section of the exam has specific time allotted to it, try and practice to finish on or before time.