How Do We Use Tonight?

What time does tonight mean?

Tonight is used to refer to the evening of today or the night that follows today.

I’m at home tonight.

Tonight, I think he proved to everybody what a great player he was.

There they will stay until 11 o’clock tonight.

Tonight is also a noun..

How do u spell tonight?

noun. this present or coming night; the night of this present day.

Which part of speech is the word tonight?

tonightpart of speech:noundefinition:this present or approaching night.part of speech:adverbdefinition:on or during this present or approaching night.1 more row

Is 4pm in the evening or afternoon?

Personally and technically, yes. Afternoon has been traditionally considered as the time after 12 Noon till 5:59PM. Evening was anytime from 6 PM. Actually, even the general dictionary definition has been 6 PM onwards (till bedtime).

How do you use currently?

Currently sentence examplesThis is currently my favorite red car. … Jackson rounded the corner onto Elm Street toward the Renaissance inspired estate he currently called home. … My point here is that currently the planet is producing enough food to feed everyone on it.More items…

What’s up tonight meaning?

What do you want to do tonightWhat are you up for tonight? (this one bluntly means “What do you want to do tonight?”)

What is the difference between tonight and tonight?

“Tonite” is a non-standard, shorter spelling of “tonight.” It has the same meaning and pronunciation as “tonight.” It’s just a different spelling. It is used informally and is not acceptable in any kind of formal writing.

Is tonight a compound word?

Tonight is a 7 letter word, used as a noun or as a adverb, a compound word, with Old English origins, and has the letters ghinott (ghinot). … A compound word, tonight has more than one word within it. There’s 2 words which are to, and night.

Is currently or currently is?

they are both ‘correct’. Neither is better than the other. Only the first sentence is grammatically correct because there’s a grammar rule to use adverbs after the verb ‘to be’. He currently is directing TV sitcoms.

What does Currently mean?

Currently means now. You’re currently reading the meaning of the word currently. As with other words you use to refer to the present time, when you use currently, you’re often implying that things might change.

Where do you put currently?

“currently” is a sentential adverb; it applies to the whole sentence. Such adverbs can occur just about anywhere except between the verb and its direct object.

What do you mean by tonight?

: on this present night or the night following this present day will do it tonight. tonight. noun. Definition of tonight (Entry 2 of 2) : the present night or the night following this present day.