How Did Snape Heal Draco?

Why did Snape hate Hermione?

She’s in Gryffindor, he hates all Gryffindors.

She is best friends with Harry, so he hates her by association.

She is a muggleborn, this is to keep up the image that he is a pure Slytherin and Death Eater.

He hates Hermione, because she reminds him of what he has lost..

Draco was the son of a man Snape loved, and hence he was Snape’s Golden Boy. On could argue that Harry is also the son of a woman he loved, but look at who Harry resembles. Harry resembled James who was nasty to him. Draco resembled Lucius who was good to him.

Did Voldemort know Snape was a spy?

Snape Has this game played out pretty well so far. I believe it was Voldemort and Malfoy who planted Snape as a teacher at Hogwarts so he could spy on Dumbledore. I don’t think Voldemort knows anything about Snape being a spy. Snape can keep Voldemort out of his mind.

Who married Draco?

Astoria GreengrassDraco Malfoy/Spouse

Did Voldemort use Sectumsempra on Snape?

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Voldemort may have used this spell to slit Snape’s throat before having Nagini finish him off. The effect of Voldemort’s use of the spell was a slash of the Elder Wand and it cut Snape’s throat.

Why did Snape help Draco?

He promised to protect Draco Malfoy from harm and guide him whilst he attempted to perform the task the Dark Lord had asked him to do: to kill Albus Dumbledore. Snape was actually a double agent working for Dumbledore, who requested Snape to kill him anyway to spare him of a painful and humiliating death.

Why did Malfoy cry when the bird died?

He thought it was exciting to be a Death Eater at first, but then he realized what he was actually doing and he kinda fell apart…. and broke into tears regretting his decision of becoming a death eater. Thats why Draco was crying there in the bathroom.

Which unforgivable curse did Harry use?

Imperius curseIn the movie Deathly Hallows – Part 2, we see Harry use the Imperius curse (The Imperius Curse is one of the three Unforgivable Curses, when cast successfully, it places the victim completely under the caster’s control).

What is an unforgivable curse?

Overview. The Unforgivable Curses are curses so powerful and so malign that use of them on another human being is grounds for immediate life imprisonment in Azkaban Prison.

Why did Avada Kedavra not kill Harry?

The piece of soul didn’t protect Harry from death; the fact that both he and Voldemort shared Lily’s protective enchantments kept Harry alive. So, no, the fact that Harry survived Avada Kedavra in the forest does not have to do with possessing a portion of Voldemort’s soul.

Why did Voldemort kill Snape instead of disarming him?

Voldemort killed Snape instead of disarming him because: … Voldemort believed that the wand only changed loyalty when the owner was killed by a wizard because snape killed Dumbledore and got ownership of the wand. 2.

Did Snape care about Draco?

Snape has always genuinely cared about Draco and was willing to put his life at risk to protect him by making the Unbreakable Vow. This example is enough to present the close bonds between the two. It is my belief that Snape favoured Malfoy as he probably reminded him of himself when he was a student at Hogwarts.

Why did Voldemort not use Avada Kedavra on Snape?

2 Answers. Because he thought Snape was the true master of the Elder Wand, and didn’t want this to backfire.

What spell killed Bellatrix?

Avada Kedavra … the killing curse. ‘ Molly used Petrificus Totalus, the body binder spell, hence the fact Bellatrix was frozen, then she used a strong exploding spell, probably Reducto or Diffindo, whch destroyed Bellatrix.

Is Draco Malfoy evil?

Draco may have been the epitome of evil for a long time in the Harry Potter series, but things turned around for the better. Even still in adulthood, Draco has the ability to effect the world negatively, but he no longer acts on it as he used to, or as his father did.

Why did Snape love Lily so much?

Simply because Lily was kind to him, he became obsessive and delusional. He believed that Lily Potter wanted more from him and in their relationship. When Lily tried to stand up to James Potter while he was bullying Snape, Snape lost his temper and called Lily a mudblood. … The only person he obsessed over was Lily.

How did Snape create Sectumsempra?

He perfected a charm used for cutting herbs into a curse capable of cutting through human flesh, even when used by someone who had no previous experience with it. TL;DR- Just like he perfected the Potions recipes, Snape simply perfected the Diffindo spell and formed his deadly signature spell, Sectumsempra.

Why is Sectumsempra not unforgivable?

The reason it wasn’t classified as an Unforgivable Curse is because the Ministry wouldn’t have known about it – they would be unable to make any decision on something they don’t know exists. That, by itself, doesn’t say whether the Ministry would classify it as one if they knew about it.